Laura Bozzo’s ex wants to take money from the driver

Laura Bozzo She is happier than ever with her successful return to television with her program ‘Laura uncensored’, however right now her ex-partner Cristian Zuarez reappears to demand money By the time worked with her and among that, mention a property.

In this regard Cristian said in the program “First hand”: “When I signed a contract with Televisa (9 years ago), the first thing I asked him at that meeting was the department of a million and a half dollars (34 million pesos) in Acapulco, and now I see myself in a lawsuit. I am claiming what we have achieved together in so many years, he said to himself from the beginning “yours is mine, and mine is yours”, everything that went to the box one day was going to be ours and we were going to be able to use it“.

Laura Bozzo ex-boyfriend Cristian Zuárez

About how much he was asking Laura to refuse to say: “I’m not going to talk about numbers because that it’s a figure that she and I are going to put together. When I spoke to her she told me she was having a bad financial time, I understood her, but it is time to resume this and avoid a lawsuit“.

When questioned about the economic benefits he obtained with it, he said: “on Televisa I did receive a salary and on Telemundo they gave me royalties for a song I made and I received royalties so I could buy my mom and daughter’s house“.

Laura Bozzo ex boyfriend Cristian Zuárez owned

According to Cristian, he decided to bring to justice for a reason “she went to a program where she implied that I was hitting her and that leaves me in a bad way, and there the gratitude went overboard“However, it is striking that this situation comes now, when Laura went to the program ‘The value of truth’ (which Cristian refers to) a year ago.

During the program they exhibited Cristian with documents dated November 2018 in which he had already been told that he could not speak about Laura because it would have legal consequences, since she accused him of threatening her, but Zuárez said that he did not Nothing has come to him and he will continue talking about Bozzo.

Laura and Cristian started a relationship in 2000 and separated in 2016 when she discovered that he had betrayed her by being unfaithful to her.

Laura Bozzo Cristian Zuárez

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