Laura Smet: the strong element about Jade and Joy that his lawyer wants to use against Laeticia


Emmanuel Ravas, Laura Smet’s lawyer, defends his client tooth and nail in the case of Johnny Hallyday’s will. And all means are good to win the battle. The first judicial installment of the Hallyday saga has closed April 13th. If Laura Smet and David Hallyday have got the property freeze their father, they were not granted the right of the posthumous album expected during the year . The two parts, however very satisfied with the decision , will now have to prepare for another fight: the one around Johnny Hallyday’s will. The testament of Johnny Hallyday: second judicial round At the heart of this new dispute, the writing of the will of the rocker who disinherit his elders for the benefit of his wife Laeticia . If the American law allows the spoliation of its children, it is not the case of the French law which categorically forbids it . Only problem, the singer wrote his will in Los Angeles. It remains to be established by what law the famous document will be governed. And it is precisely on this point that lawyers Laura Smet and David Hallyday are working on their defense. Wednesday, April 11, four months after the burial of her husband in Saint-BarthĂ©lemy , Laeticia Hallyday finally came out of silence in the columns of Point to restore his truth. Last days of his lion at his relationship with David and Laura, the widow was sifting through all the topics she’s been attacking since the media offensive of Laura Smet last February 12th . An interview in which Emmanuel Ravas and Carine Piccio, the respective lawyers of Laura and David, found something to put in their mouths. The adoption of Jade and Joy, an element against Laeticia? Referring to what Johnny Hallyday represented for the French public, Laeticia spoke of her marriage to the idol of young people: ” I married France, the Eiffel Tower. […] Every French person has a link with him through a song, a memory. A sentence which constitutes a significant detail for the defense of seniors rocker . And that’s not all, since Emmanuel Ravas has put forward an essential element that could put everything in question. Guest on the set of the show 24H Pujadas on LCI this Monday, February 16, the lawyer Laura Smet evoked Jade and Joy, the two adopted girls by Johnny Hallyday and his wife in 2004 and 2008. And according to Emmanuel Ravas, the arrival of children in the couple is an essential key to decide on the law that will govern the will of the rocker. ” I allowed myself to indicate that they had been adopted. This is to emphasize this connection with France because they were adopted in France, by a French procedure before the French judge he said. Which demonstrates, in such an important decision of life, the attachment of Johnny Hallyday and his wife. ” While waiting for a possible arrangement between the two parties by June 15th, the day of Johnny Hallyday’s birthday, Laeticia took advantage of the holidays with her daughters for come back for the very first time on the rocker’s grave since they left the island. A very painful moment but more than necessary to face justice again.


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