Laurentino Cortizo reports that he has an “intermediate risk” health problem

(CNN Spanish) — The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, announced this Monday in a message to the country that after routine medical examinations, a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, he was diagnosed with intermediate-risk myelodysplastic syndrome on June 16.

In a statement sent by the Presidency of Panama, it was detailed that the samples taken were sent to a specialized laboratory in the United States.

Despite the announcement, the doctors treating the head of state certify that “the president’s physical examination is normal and he is in excellent general condition.”

However, according to Cortizo announced, Both doctors recommended a second specialized evaluation, with molecular biology tests, to be carried out in Houston, Texas after July 1, when the president must present a report to the country before the National Assembly.

It was assured that the evolution of Cortizo’s health condition will be communicated in a timely manner to Panamanians, to the extent necessary.

According to, in myelodysplastic syndromes “the blood-forming cells in the bone marrow become abnormal cells. This causes the counts of one or more of the types of cells in the blood to drop. Myelodysplastic syndrome is considered a type of cancer.”