Lauris Dzelzitis works as a driver of Daile Theater during a pandemic

“I have something to do all the time. Now, for example, just like that, I am an enthusiastic driver for theater. Such a driver is a provider,” Lauris said in an interview with OK! I am in that role now too. ”

Put thousands in the cars

Dzelzitis has no airbag, and, of course, income has now fallen sharply. “I’ve always been a bit like an idiot, taking my irons with them. And even now I’ve put thousands in the cars. One mers, in which a huge amount of money has already been pushed, now stands like a pile of scrap, because at one point my love for that car broke. I hope that he will return, ”says Lauris.

As the actor admits when it comes to money, he is, of course, nowhere near the most difficult situation. “I think about money, but I’m not worried. Also, in the end we will all die. And let’s not think about money at that moment. What should I worry about – neither family nor children. I’ll be fine all the time. “

See the perspective again

Lauris also admits that he once wanted to leave the theater, started to move away from it, but after the recent events with the change of management, he is “back” again. “I wanted to leave the theater three years ago. I slowly started giving up new roles, only the Lion was out of the new ones in the winter. I think there will be fewer and fewer shows, I will go away completely. Because in such an intense time, to leave suddenly means to buy a theater. I didn’t want to do that. Well, and then everything changed. The management and everything that happened in the theater changed. Again the cards were shuffled and I’m back. And again I see the overall perspective, ”says Dzelzitis.

But the actor uses the pandemic time to do things that seemed “not worth the running time.” “I am in an ideal situation to complain about. I am not printed in an apartment in an Italian city, but at any time I can get in the car and go to my fields in Aloja, where there are no people in my hectare and I have work over my head. A pandemic could happen for at least ten years, and I would still have something to do there. There is no boredom at all. I also started to renovate one oak barrel in Riga, I will make a table. I have a black glass ring in Aloe, it will be a surface. And there will be a beautiful outdoor table for me. I will sit and look at that table after the third beer and think: here it is, perfection! ” says Lauris.

Read the whole exciting interview with Lauri Dzelzit in the magazine “OK!” in the latest issue!

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