Lautaro Martínez comforted Nico González after the Italian Cup final

The Scaloneta it’s family. It sounds like a cliché, but it is a reality. The players of the Argentine National Team show it in each training session and match. They even have to be rivals and not partners. This Wednesday, after Inter’s victory over Fiorentina in the Italian Cup final, Lautaro Martínez starred in an emotional moment together with Nicolás González.

After the match at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, the Touragain hero of the Nerazzurri thanks to his two goals to turn history around, he put aside the champion celebrations and went straight to the middle of the field to console the left wingerwho also scored a goal but was of little use.

While González was squatting and glassy-eyed with tears, Lautaro approached and they melted into a hug. There was also a warm exchange of words that lasted several seconds. A clear example of the union that exists in the world champion squad.

The joy of Lautaro Martínez after being champion with Inter of the Italian Cup

Total, the ex-Racing has 101 shouts in official competitionswhich keeps him ninth in the table of the Italian club’s top scorers in 115 years of history.