Lauterbach corrects a statement on the consequences of Corona’s immune deficiency

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BHealth Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has corrected his statement that several infections with the corona virus could trigger an “immune deficiency that can no longer be cured” in those affected. In an interview with the newspaper “Rheinische Post”, which was published over the weekend, Lauterbach referred to scientific studies on this question and pointed out that the results were “not yet certain”.

After criticism of his presentation, Lauterbach has now qualified his statements. Late on Sunday evening, the minister wrote on Twitter about a “technical transmission error” in the Ministry of Health. The correct quote should have been: “Studies now show very clearly that those affected are often dealing with an immune deficiency whose duration we do not yet know.” Lauterbach added the comment on Twitter that “incurable immune deficiency” is currently ” can’t be a question yet”.

Lauterbach is repeatedly criticized for its communication in the Corona crisis. Among other things, his sometimes dramatic warnings about the possible consequences of the pandemic have been causing opposition for a while because many perceive them as exaggerated and disproportionate.

In addition, Lauterbach has already spread false information on Twitter. Among other things, Lauterbach had suggested that the corona vaccination was practically without side effects, which is not the case. Elsewhere, Lauterbach had claimed that Germany had the highest corona incidence in Europe at the time, which was not true.

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