Law of Brexit endangers rights of British youth


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Amnesty International denounced on Monday that the so-called draft legislation for the “Brexit”, or Exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union (EU), “endangers” the fundamental rights of British youth.
In a statement released from its headquarters in London, the organization for Human Rights considered that that bill includes several measures to modify the rights and protections of British citizens after March 29, 2019 .
According to AI, that bill “fails”, among other issues, when it comes to retaining in British legislation the so-called Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, which ” weakens the protections currently available to the citizens of this country ”
The organization also regretted that, according to that bill, “powers would be given to the ministers so that these can alter the legislation, without previously having a parliamentary consultation ”
AI refers in its note to the results of a new opinion survey, which shows that the British youth feel uneasy about the consequences of leaving the EU in their existing protections and rights .
The poll was conducted online last March 28 and 29 by YouGov firm among 1,640 adults, aged between 18 and 24 years, and analyzed the attitudes of the young population of the United Kingdom before the human rights and the divorce between London and Brussels.
The survey found that 79% of young people in this country – more than three thirds – are concerned about the prospect of the march may leave them with fewer rights and protections than they currently enjoy .
He also detected widespread concern about the Conservative government’s plans to grant ministers powers to amend and limit laws and regulations. rights after the “brexit”, without the need to consult with Parliament through voting .
About a third of participants – 29% – said they did not know how the “brexit” will affect their rights, and identical percentage -29% – believes that it will retain the same protections once this country is officially out of the Twenty-seven .
However, 38% believe that the EU’s march will leave the British population with fewer rights and protections and only 3% of those surveyed considered the “brexit” it will give them more rights than they do now.
He The survey also showed that 57% of the citizens who voted in favor of the withdrawal from the EU in the referendum they are currently “worried” about these issues too.
” Leaving the EU does not have to imply leaving behind rights . The draft law for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU should not be used as a Trojan horse to reduce our rights, “concluded the director of AI for the United Kingdom, Kate Allen.


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