Law & Order: Special Victims Unit New York S17 E12 – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit New York

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S17 E12 - The Cherry On The Cake

Chris Roberts invites Abby Stewart to the school party. They kiss and she agrees to follow him to the photo lab, where the boy has obviously decided to get down to business. Abby asks him to slow down a bit. When Abby returns home, she goes to her room without saying a word of the evening to her parents and bursts into tears… A few days later, Master Calhoun comes to find Olivia to ask her to take care of Abby. The young woman says she was raped during the dance party, but the local police did not want to follow up on her complaint. Olivia accepts and goes to the Stewarts, where Abby explains the circumstances of the rape. Other members of the special unit question Chris at his parents’ house, but he denies outright: he did not have sex with Abby …

New York Special Unit


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