Lawyer and police officer arrested in raids on the Casilda drug gang that laundered money with race horses

The town of Casilda was the scene of a federal mega-operation against a gang dedicated to drug dealing and money laundering. Seven detainees were announced, including a lawyer and the deputy chief of the Chabás police station. Furthermore, in Rosario, there was a “show order” at the Hippodromesince one hypothesis is thatthe gang laundered assets with the purchase of racehorsesindicated judicial spokesmen and the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC).

The case is instructed by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 2 in charge of Claudio Kishimoto and assistant Franco Benetti. The 19 search warrants were ordered by Judge Carlos Vera Barros. The investigation began in June 2021, following a referral to the Federal Justice made by the Public Ministry of the Accusation (MPA), judicial sources confided.

Martín López, director of the AIC’s Anti-Drug Division, told Radio Casilda that among the detainees there is a person who would be the “distributor of narcotic material”, who in turn delivered the drug to other people so that they could sell it to drug dealers. And they were also arrested suspected of laundering maneuvers.

A police officer identified as MZ, deputy chief of the Chabás police station, was arrested at his home in Casilda. And in turn the dependency was inspected.

In Casilda, the AIC with the help of the Gendarmerie Economic Crimes Office, raided a law firm in Moreno and Buenos Aires, In the city center. The measure aimed to collect evidence of money laundering.

In this sense, prosecutor Kishimoto requested the seizure of 15 vehicles. In addition, there were raids in several businesses that according to the investigation were a laundering screen of the organization.

Although there were no details of the kidnapping, the AIC announced that cocaine and marijuana were seized, in addition to firearms.

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In addition, a spokesman for the AIC added that there was a measure at a horse stud in the town of Sanfordas in the local Racecourse, as part of the investigation into money laundering with the purchase of equines.

The Pumas guard and a race horse.

There were 15 raids in Casilda; three in Chabás, one in Sanford and the rest in Rosario.

The measures took place in Bulevar Argentino and Ruta Nacional; Jorge Newbery 100 (Sanford); Colón Boulevard 1900 (National Route 33); May 1, 1100; Lysander of the Tower 1500; National Route 33 to 2400; Hipólito Irigoyen 2200; November 11, 2300; Buenos Aires at 2500; Hipólito Irigoyen 2700; Buenos Aires 3400; Public Passage and Pasco; Washington 2900; Saint Louis 1500; Pellegrini 1100 (Chabás); Roque Sáenz Peña at 1800 (Chabás) and Dante Alighieri at 2400 at the Rosario Hippodrome.