Lawyer Engin Özcan in Velbert

Lawyer Engin Özcan

Admission, power of representation
Attorney Engin Özcan was admitted to the bar by the President of the Düsseldorf Bar Association. He is therefore a lawyer under German law. Like most other lawyers in Germany, he is authorized to represent before almost all German courts and in almost all instances. He is not authorized to represent clients in civil law proceedings that have to be decided by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) – as an appeals body. Because civil law disputes that “land” at the BGH may only be presented there by a few lawyers who are exclusively authorized to represent before the BGH (so-called BGH lawyers).

Düsseldorf Bar Association (mandatory membership)
Bar Association Wuppertal eV
German Lawyers Association (DAV)
Working group on medical law in the DAV
Working group on social law in the DAV
Tacheles eV Unemployed and Social Welfare Association (Wuppertal)
Private prosecutor registered association
VDOA – Association of German Victims’ Lawyers