Lawyer filed 800 habeas corpus for severe overcrowding in Bucaramanga Police Stations | Santanders

Lawyer Julian Fernando Duarte filed 800 habeas corpus in the courts of the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga to seek the release of people captured for different crimes and who have been detained in police stations for months.

Currently the overcrowding in the Police stations of the Santanderean capital is greater than 1000%according to the Ombudsman.

“The detainees in the stations are suffering from the violation of their rights. The situation is inhumane and the authorities do nothing to find a solution. The legal actions that I filed with my work team are for the mayors, representatives and the governor who have turned a blind eye to people deprived of their liberty. They are victimizers in the street, but in the stations they are victims of an inhuman state,” attorney Duarte told BLU Radio.

He pointed out that unfortunately the Police cannot have more patrol cars on the streets because they have to be taking care of and monitoring the detainees at the stations.

The Superior Council of the Judiciary of Santander ordered a ‘quartering’ of judicial personnel to respond to the habeas corpus filed by attorney Duarte.

The Administrative Secretary of the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga, César Castellanos, criticized the way in which Julián Fernando Duarte filed legal actions to seek the release of 800 detainees. He even asked that the lawyer be investigated by the Santander Sectional Judicial Discipline Commission.

A court in Bucaramanga denied the first habeas corpus filed by the lawyer Duarte who sought the release of a prisoner.

“We are going to have to appeal the decisions of the judges since the detainees continue to violate their rights,” said the plaintiff attorney.