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Christian Solmecke is considered Germany’s YouTube lawyer. On his channel “KanzleiWBS” he has been presenting “the dose of law that everyone needs in everyday life” for over ten years.

Legal issues from everyday life

Would you like to double park to pick something up? Not a good idea: that costs a fine of 55 euros, says Christian Solmecke. If you also have the hazard lights on, you pay an extra 10 euros.

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In his book “Der Taschenanwalt”, Christian Solmecke describes the trickiest legal issues that he has encountered in the course of his legal career. From naming rights at the birth of a child to problems at work, road traffic or inheritance disputes.

»The law permeates every area of ​​our lives.«

One of the most famous lawyers

Christian Solmecke financed his law studies as a news anchor at WDR. His Cologne law firm now has almost 200 employees. As a lawyer and partner of the media law chancellor Wilde Beuger Solmecke, he has specialized in advising the Internet and IT industry.

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