Lawyers Gandzyuk sent a petition to join the cases in the prosecutor's office of the Kherson region and the Prosecutor General's Office.

Submission of cases against performers to court attacks on activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk in its current form will make it impossible to prosecute the customers of the murder.

This was stated by lawyer Evgenia Zakrevskaya Gandzyuk, – writes Gromadskoe.

"I want to emphasize that, at least as of yesterday, these performers have not changed their suspicion and have not added a sign of the order.

The second point: if the case of the executors is submitted to the court, then from what and where will the evidence be taken, how is this evidence used in the production of the SBU, which is looking for customers, "she said.

In the absence of a sign of the order in the production of the police against the executors, it will be impossible to hold accountable customers who are wanted within the framework of another production, opened by the SBU.

“They cannot be twice suspected, twice accused. They can be charged only once,” Zakrevskaya noted.

According to her, lawyers Gandziuk previously sent a petition to join these cases to the prosecutor’s office of the Kherson region and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

“If this is not done, then I do not see a judicial perspective of bringing the customer to justice. It’s easy to transfer the case to the executors before the court, simply to exclude the involvement of the customer,” the lawyer said

Zakrevska added that the prosecutor's office of the Kherson region had already refused to merge these industries, and the General Prosecutor’s Office had not received an answer yet.

VideoCatherine Gandzyuk died

Katya Gandzyuk died. An activist who had to go through incredible pain. In July of this year, she was doused with sulfuric acid. But even despite the serious condition in intensive care and more than a dozen transferred operations, Katya did not give up until recently.

Catherine Gandzyuk died

Recall November 4 died activist and advisor to the mayor of Kherson Ekaterina Gandzyuk. Her business is already retrained on the completed murder.

July 31 in Kherson happened attack on gandzyuk. The attacker was waiting for the victim at the entrance and splashed on the girl concentrated sulfuric acid. . A woman received burns of 30% of the body. August 25 in the activist deteriorated health.



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