Lawyer Holds Rp. 50 Million Contest to Find Perpetrator of Disarming Ade Armando’s Pants


The perpetrator who took off Ade Armando’s pants during the April 11 demonstration has not been caught. Lawyer Ade Armando held a competition so that the public could help provide information regarding the perpetrator.

“We are also asking for the person who was wearing a hat and blonde hair who allegedly stripped Bang Ade to make an arrest,” said Ade Armando’s attorney, Muannas Alaidid, at his office, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Tuesday (19/19/2020). 4/2022).

“It’s just that until now there has been no follow-up, but maybe in the future we will hold a competition for the public who can provide information about it,” he continued.

Muannas said that anyone who could provide information on the perpetrators of stripping Ade Armando’s pants would be rewarded in the form of cash. He said the figure of the perpetrator of the stripping of Ade Armando’s pants was not so clearly visible.

“Because in the video it’s not very clear. Maybe there are people who are there and they know and have photos, maybe from a clearer side later. Because we need justice,” he said.

He said his party would give a prize of Rp 50 million. The money was obtained from personal money and donations from Ade Armando’s colleagues.

“We give Rp 50 million, that’s our personal money and donations from friends who really sympathize with Bang Ade. That’s to find the perpetrators who wear hats and blonde hair, yes, who stripped Bang Ade’s clothes,” he said.

Police Hunt for Other Perpetrators

The case of beating a lecturer at the University of Indonesia (UI), Ade Armando, is still being investigated. Currently, there are two perpetrators who are still being sought by the police.

“Yes, we are still being chased. Two other people are still being chased, on behalf of Ade Purnama and the one wearing the hat,” said Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes E Zulpan when contacted, Monday (18/4).

So far, six perpetrators of the beating of Ade Armando have been arrested. In addition, one perpetrator who acted as a provocateur was also arrested, bringing a total of 7 people arrested.

Zulpan said it still relies on face recognition in identifying the perpetrators who are still at large. However, investigators also tracked the perpetrators through CCTV footage to videos that were spread on social media.

“There are other CCTVs, video recordings, all kinds of things. The team continues to move,” explained Zulpan.