Lawyer Juan Liem Jurado dies

Last Saturday, after a playful day of killings on the property of his great friend Miguel Obrador, he was called by the Most High to his presence Juan Liem; he was sixty years old. Son of the Indonesian musician living in Mallorca with the same name, after studying at the San Cayetano school, he graduated in Law. He served in the Army of Engineers, specifically in the XV Mixed Battalion based in Tenerife, an experience that strongly marked his character. A great connoisseur of history and military events, his presence at events on the occasion of San Fernando, patron saint of Engineers, or the patron saint of Infantry was constant.

Professionally, he worked in the legal services of various Majorcan institutions (Cort, Conselleria d’Educació, Consell). His insightful vision and his peculiar sense of humor made him a great connoisseur of the lesser-known and even rare aspects of Law that he always exposed, combining criticism with the joy of living. He was a practicing Catholic, a great patriot, fond of swimming and scuba diving.

On December 8 and when Death is not the end is sung on the parade ground of the Palma 47 Regiment, we will raise a prayer to the Almighty for the rest of your soul.