Lawyer killed with six bullets during President Dina Boluarte’s visit

People scream for help, while a man bleeds to death inside a van. Minutes before, these same people ran terrified after witnessing a shooting attack.

It is eleven thirty in the morning and the parking lot of the Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) agency, on the seventeenth block of Larco Avenue, Víctor Larco district, is the scene of a new crime that shocks Trujillo.

A man is dying sitting in the front seat of his vehicle. He arrived at the bank agency, carried out a transaction and when he was leaving in his silver truck, he was shot at by a hit man who was waiting for him, along with his buddy, parked on a motorcycle in front of the bank headquarters.

A man in his fifties asks to call the Police. There are none nearby. There is also no presence of Citizen Security of Víctor Larco. The victim, still conscious, grabs her face and neck, while some women lean out of the vehicle window.

“There are no police. Call an ambulance. The man dies.

The dying adult is the lawyer Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Araujo. He lives near where he was shot.

In this area of ​​Trujillo, despite being one of the most commercial, there are no police.

In the main square, a little more than three kilometers from the crime scene, a strong police contingent closes the streets of the center. Dina Boluarte, President of the Republic, arrived in the city in the company of twelve of her ministers. An exaggerated police contingent guards it, while crime number seventy-seven so far this year was perpetrated a short distance away, in the department of La Libertad.

Dina Boluarte, guarded by a large police contingent in the center of Trujillo; while three kilometers away, a lawyer is murdered in an area unprotected by the PNP.

A witness saw the attack

“It was terrible, sir. The offender got off the motorcycle, ran to the truck and shot the man. Six shots were heard. Everything was fast. There was no policeman, ”he tells BuenaPepa the worker from a nearby business who had left his office to buy a soda to cool off the heat.

“The man in the truck tried to get out of the vehicle, but the offender secured him with another shot. He then ran and got on the motorcycle and fled down the street behind the bank ”, the witness continues.

Another person who was outside the bank said the shooter was wearing a red polo shirt, did not have a helmet and was not wearing a mask. “I saw his face, he looked like a foreigner. They both looked like foreigners, ”he reinforces.

In the main square, just over three kilometers from the crime scene, a strong police contingent closes the streets. Dina Boluarte arrived in the city in the company of twelve of her ministers. An exaggerated police contingent protects it, while crime number seventy-seven so far this year was perpetrated a short distance away, in La Libertad.

Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Araujo arrived at the BCP headquarters aboard his Hyundai Santa Fe model truck, with a T1C-472 filming plate. No one accompanied him. He parked his vehicle in the parking area and entered the bank. He did not realize that two motorcycle criminals were following him. They positioned themselves ten meters from their victim’s truck. The lawyer got out, got into his vehicle and, as he backed up, one of the hitmen ran to the driver’s door and shot him.

The victim leaves two underage children as orphans.

Target of threats?

“It cannot be possible what has happened. The risk in this profession is worrying. We lawyers are not criminal lawyers. We defend people. Beyond that, there is a stigmatization of this profession and look what has happened. Let’s see what this issue is about. It is a correct lawyer who has died,” says Omar de Lama Dioses, a criminal lawyer and friend of the victim.

Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Araujo is a licensed and licensed lawyer. He graduated from the National University of Trujillo (UNT), married and father of two minor children. He works at the Estudio de la Puente & Abogados.

A hitman attacked him as he was leaving the BCP agency on Larco Avenue, in Trujillo.
This is the truck where the lawyer Marco Gutiérrez was riddled with bullets.

BuenaPepa was able to learn that Marco Gutiérrez was a defense attorney in an eviction proceeding and that he was the target of threats. This version was not ruled out by Colonel Javier Méndez Yupanqui, head of the Criminal Investigation Division (Divincri).

“We want to know all the lawyer’s activities. We still cannot anticipate the motive for the crime, we are collecting information. We do not know if he received threats. We are in preliminary proceedings and an alleged revenge is not ruled out, ”he declared.

He specified that the images from the security cameras of the bank and nearby businesses will be requested to identify the murderers and determine their arrival and escape route.

In addition, he justified the null police presence in the area by saying that the “bank has private surveillance, not police.”

in sight

With the death of lawyer Marco Gutiérrez, there are now seventy-seven homicides in La Libertad since the beginning of the year.

This is the second lawyer to be shot to death in less than five months in Trujillo. In November 2022, jurist Jaime Alexander Flores Córdova, 37, was assassinated in front of the Alexander Graham Bell private school, located on the ninth block of Jirón Independencia, in the heart of Trujillo’s Historic Center.

In the Independencia strip of Trujillo, the lawyer Jaime Flores was murdered.
Jaime Flores was assassinated in front of his children’s school, in the heart of Trujillo.

The lawman was followed from his home to his children’s study center by William Antonio Leyva Carbajal, alias Cholay, and Geiner Pablo Calderón Huanes, alias Chikio Geiner.

The La Libertad Bar Association issued a statement to regret the irreparable loss of Marco Gutiérrez and demands the prompt identification and capture of the criminals who attempted his life.