Lawyer planned her murder so her son would collect insurance

Lawyer planned his murder so that his son would collect insurance, but he survived. The crime was organized after his wife tragically passed away.

It is the story of an influential American lawyer who planned his assassination. However, he ended up being charged with fraud by the insurance company.

The case

The case of an influential American lawyer, who was murdered by his wife and son, turned out to be planning his own murder.

As Blu Radio learned, last Thursday, September 16, the lawyer was accused of fraud by an insurance company. This for unsuccessfully organizing his own murder.

This is Alex Murdaugh, 53, who turned himself in to the South Carolina Police on Thursday morning.

A few hours later, a judge granted him probation for the payment of a bond of $ 20,000.

However, the lawyer denied all responsibility for the death of his 52-year-old wife Maggie; and his son Paul, a 22-year-old student. The son was found riddled with bullets on June 7 outside the family home.

But, he admitted that he asked a former client to shoot him so that his last son would be left a survivor to obtain 10 million dollars of life insurance.

The subject would have shot him in the head on September 4, but Murdaugh survived.

At the hearing, attorney Dick Harpootlian said he has suffered from a serious addiction to opiates for 20 years. “The death of his wife and son set him off“, said.

For now, he waits to be tried for the failed scam, while he undergoes detoxification treatments.

However, you will likely have to face more legal problems.

South Carolina Police are investigating embezzlement charges at his law firm and just opened an investigation into the death of his domestic worker in 2018.

At the time, Murdaugh explained that Gloria Satterfield, who had worked for the family for more than 20 years, fell down the stairs after tripping over a dog. The death was classified as “natural“.

Based on a request from the Hampton County Medical Examiner and information received regarding other investigations involving Alex Murdaugh“, The police announced on Wednesday the opening of criminal investigations.

Lawyer planned his murder to get his son to collect insurance, but he survived



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