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“Main prize 100,000 euros”: A lawyer from Graz received a dubious letter of profit. She sued the company and agreed with them on 25,000 euros.

From Thomas Macher | 8.46 a.m., September 24, 2020

Julia Eckhart
Supposed main prize: Julia Eckhart received a letter from a Viennese company. She persisted and complained © Baumann

It is emblazoned in bold capital letters on the so-called “Feststellungsbescheid” in the letter: “FRAU MAG. JULIA ECKHART RECEIVES € 100,000“Your number is the” authorized number for the main prize, “says the letter to the Graz woman. Had Eckhart actually won 100,000 euros? The Graz lawyer wanted to know exactly. She did everything that was asked of her in the letter and, as suggested, even ordered a music CD from the Viennese company: “The CD came, but the profit didn’t,” says Eckhart.

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