Lawyers ask to ban Florida governor from organizing migrant flights

Florida, United States.

The group of lawyers that represents the Venezuelan migrants sent by Florida to the island of Martha’s Vineyard asked a Boston judge to issue a nationwide order to prevent the governor of that state, the Republican Ron DeSantis, body new flights.

This was explained this Wednesday in a teleconference by the executive director of Lawyer’s for Civil Rights, Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, where he pointed out that these actions “put in danger the life ofand people, including Women and children”.

The petition is part of a demand, filed Tuesday, against DeSantis, the state of florida, state Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue and Department that he directs, for what they consider to be “a plan fraudulent, illegal y premeditated” to transport the migrants to the exclusive enclave of Massachusetts.

Lawyer’s for Civil Rights represents the fifty Venezuelans you were sent blind in airplane since Texas to the island of Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts) por DeSantis.

The Governor of Florida has declared that it will continue to send flights to enclaves democrats, in protest at what he considers excessive laxity of the Government of the president joe biden when controlling the migrant arrivals by frontera South of the country.

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DeSantis sent last Wednesday two charter planes with 50 Venezuelan migrants al airport of Martha’s Vineyard as part of a program $12 million of budget, for relocate undocumented andn the so-called “sanctuary states”.

In parallel, the governor of Texas, the also republican Greg Abbottsent last Thursday two buses with a hundred migrants to official residence of the country’s vice president, Kamala Harrisin Washington; and did it again on Saturday, while sending three other vehicles with undocumented a New York.

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The group of lawyers also requested last Sunday, a criminal investigation of what happened, pointing out that the migrants wasn misled with false promises what would they have legal advice, education and work. EFE