Lawyers from Marengo process angry about RTL documentary

The documentary about the work of the Special Support Team (BOT) of the judiciary is not appreciated by everyone. Lawyer Inez Weski even sent a letter of complaint to RTL.

The documentary ‘Ewout: along with the tough guys’ shows, among other things, how her client Mario R. was taken from the Schiphol Judicial Complex to another prison. It was previously stated by the person in charge that the suspect from the Marengo trial had a lot of ‘power and resources’ and that an attempt to escape could therefore take place.

No permission

According to RTL Boulevard, Weski wrote in the letter that her client, who was not portrayed herself, did not know that the transport was being filmed from a distance and that he had not given permission either. Program maker Ewout Genemans then announced that he was taking the complaint seriously, saying that the broadcast will be adjusted ‘where necessary’.

Jurriaan de Vries, lawyer of suspect Zakaria el H. from the Marengo process, writes: Twitter that Weski is ‘completely right’. “It is not surprising that the BOT wants to show how big the pee is, but that the DJI (Dienst Jitial Inrichtingen, ed.) gives permission for this at all is scandalous. Safety is apparently an opportunistic argument, as long as it works out and a suspect can be sued. .”

Police helicopter

The Marengo process has been taking place in the Bunker in Osdorp for months. Very strict security measures apply. There was also a meeting today. At the end of the afternoon another police helicopter flew over the court, which then presumably flew over the highway with one of the transports.