Layoffs at Sam's Club are not overScott Olson / Getty Images
The dismissals at the Sam's Club of Puerto Rico have not ended.

The management of Sam's Club, which this week fired numerous probationers, said the dismissals have nothing to do with the labor reform, which extended the probationary period to nine months.

Similarly, it was announced that the dismissals will continue this week.

Iván Báez, director of Corporate Affairs of the chain, said that the action was only part of a labor reorganization.

"This has nothing to do with the labor reform, is part of a reorganization in Sams Club and be on par with the other clubs in the United States to modernize them and be more efficient," Báez said in an interview with WKAQ.

"It's unfortunate, we do not like to announce this kind of news, but they are business decisions that have to be made to make adjustments and be operationally profitable," he added.

The executive revealed that the dismissals will continue this week in all stores and that this time the dismissed will not be relocated to other stores.

"In this case they will not be relocated. There are places that can be replaced and people can be interviewed, but certainly the industry is transforming and all retailers are looking to survive, "he said.

"Two years ago the decision was made to increase to 11 dollars an hour with good benefits for our regular employees and our goal is to have 41% full time employees," he said.

On the other hand, announced that although Gaby Mini Donas leaves the Sam's Club will increase their presence in the Walmart. "Gaby Mini Donas stay at the Walmart. Now it will be in 19 Walmart stores even though they come from the Sams Club, "said Báez.



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