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Lazio vs Inter Milan: When, where and how to see Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sánchez LIVE against Lazio

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Although the Argentine Leandro Paredes, from PSG, sounds to reinforce Inter, it seems not to be a concern for Arturo Vidal, who is already much loved by his new teammates, in addition to being highlighted by Alexis Sánchez as a bastion for the Lombard team. In fact, lto Inter’s Twitter account, highlighted in a photograph the shirts of both Chileans hanging in the dressing room.

Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal live a great present in Milan. The arrival of the former Barcelona midfielder was immediately noticed and in just two games he was the team’s starter. Perhaps the arrival of the King also led to a notable improvement in the performance of a stray Alexis last season. We know that when the little goat is comfortable, he plays like a phenomenon.

They were even seen smiling in pre-match practice, even with a photo included. In addition, Alexis filled Vidal with flowers before the microphones, realizing the importance of a reference like him for the rest, and also the figure of a friend in the dressing room for the Tocopillano forward.

However, the team is not far behind and with quality reinforcements such as Achraf Hakimi, from Real Madrid, Inter was able to show a better face than the previous months. So much so that on the second date, the cast of Antonio Conte overwhelmed the humble Benevento 5-2, with the excellent participation of the Chilean duo that makes the team dream of the capital of fashion.

This then, since in addition to being a benchmark on the court, Vidal’s hand in the locker room was immediately noticed, sponsoring Alexis Sanchez, Achraf Hakimi Y Lautaro Martinez, in what the Moroccan full-back described as The band. Not for nothing did they dismiss King Arturo with roses and handkerchiefs when he left the Blaugrana hosts: from La Liga social networks, to his teammates; being the greetings of Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez the most prominent, they show their influence in each dressing room that he steps on.

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Date and time: When do Lazio and Inter Milan play for date 3 of Serie A?

The Lombard side will visit Lazio at the Olympic Games in Rome on the day Sunday, October 4 at 10:00 in the morning Chile time.

Television: On which channel or where to watch Lazio vs Inter Milan live on TV?

The game will be broadcast on ESPN 2, check the channel on your cable operator:


VTR: 49 (SD) (Stgo) – 841 (HD)
DTV: 625 (SD) – 1623 (HD)
ENTEL: 214 (HD)
CLARO: 175 (SD) – 475 (HD)
MOVISTAR: 482 (SD) – 886 (HD)
YOU SEE: 510 (SD)

Online: Where to watch Lazio vs Inter Milan live and streaming?

The stream will be available on ESPN Play.


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