LCGC Haram to Drink Pertalite, Here’s the Reason


Purchase of Pertalite type of fuel will be limited to certain vehicles. The proposal is that cars with engines of 2,000 cc and above are prohibited from buying Pertalite. However, LCGC is also ‘haram’ to drink Pertalite from birth.

According to Didi Ahadi, Head of Dealer Technical Support for PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) from the manufacturer, LCGC or low cost green cars such as the Toyota Agya and Toyota Calya are designed to use a minimum of 92 RON gasoline. Therefore, LCGC is not recommended to use Pertalite. .

“We designate LCGC using RON 92, yes. We recommend a minimum of RON 92,” Didi told detikcom recently.

Toyota Agya has an engine compression ratio of 11.1:1. While the Toyota Calya engine compression ratio is 11.5:1. Engine specifications with a compression ratio range of 10 to 11 should use fuel with a minimum RON of 92, Pertamax class. While Pertalite is only for vehicles with 9:1 to 10:1 . compression

“If you don’t use fuel that meets the recommendations, the exhaust emissions will definitely decrease in quality. Second, the performance will also feel down. What used to be able to gas spontaneously, is now a bit slow. Because the fuel point is different,” said Didi.

“Secondly, there are long-term effects, especially gasoline, which can cause a buildup of carbon crust in the piston combustion chamber and cylinder wall. We have experienced things like that often,” he said.

The LCGC’s recommendation to consume fuel with a minimum octane of 92 is stated in the Minister of Industry Regulation (Permenperin) number 36 of 2021 concerning Low Carbon Emission Four-Wheel Motor Vehicles. In article 4 point 6 it is stated that LCGC cars use fuel usage information markings with the lowest level of octane number 92 for gasoline or cetane number 51 for diesel which is listed on the inner fuel tank cover and bottom corner of the rear glass.

The call for LCGC cars to use a minimum of 92 octane fuel is also stated in the Regulation of the Director General of High Technology-Based Leading Industries number 29/IUBIT/PER/9/2014. Listed in CHAPTER III A Regarding Marking, item 4 of the LCGC fuel rules states that:

Information on the use of fuel as referred to in number 2 letter a is as follows:
– For motorized vehicles with spark-ignition motors it reads ‘use minimum fuel Octane Number 92, and- For motor vehicles with compression ignition motors it reads ‘use minimum fuel Cetane Number (CN) 51.

Because, since its birth, LCGC was created to support a cleaner environment. If using fuel that is not in accordance with the recommendations, then the main goal to support a cleaner environment will not be achieved.

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