Mouhcine Moutouali and Abdelilah Hafidi, the two playing masters of Raja, are still positive for the coronavirus.

Raja did not travel to Egypt to face Zamalek due to the contamination of 14 club players by the coronavirus. A massacre that surprised more than one and raised several questions: why so many contaminations at once, knowing that the club has recorded only one positive case in two and a half months? Jawad Ziyat, president of Raja, explains the causes of these contaminations.

In a statement for an Egyptian channel, the president of Raja de Casablanca, Jawad Ziyat, assured that the contamination of the players is due to the two days of rest that the club granted to its players after the title of champion of Morocco. So understand that the players contracted the virus once they left their concentration to join their families. The players have therefore lowered their guard and contracted the virus. Ziyat also assured that it is difficult to say how many players will be restored by then to face Zamalek: “No doctor will be able to tell you what the state of health of the players of Raja or the number of those who will be ready for the return match on November 1, ”he said. The mistake of releasing the players after the title was fatal to the Greens. Fortunately CAF has been understanding with Raja and postponed his return match to November 1, otherwise he would have lost by forfeit.


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