Le Nouvelliste | Musical group Enposib’s first time in Ohio

Musical group Enposib’s first time in Ohio

At the initiative of TiFozzi group, the musical group Enposib performed for the first time in Ohio, one of the new El Dorados of the Haitian community in the United States. As usual, Medjy and his stage companions took their energy and all their enthusiasm in their luggage. This, for the pleasure of the Haitians of Columbus who braved the cold on November 19th.

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It is a few minutes past midnight when the musicians of the group arrive at the premises reserved for the organization of the show. It is not a club strictly speaking, but rather a space dedicated to the organization of receptions or other. This goes without saying for this community which is just beginning to make its mark in this corner of the Northeast of the United States. Some routine tests carried out, about 50 minutes after their arrival, the musicians of the group take possession of the stage. For one hour and 45 minutes of show interrupted by a power failure. No, the space was not plunged into darkness, some cables broke, causing some loudspeakers and instruments in the group to fail.

Before that, the band in Medjy set fire to the club. The title that serves as the intro to the album opened the ball. And the public knew the words by chorus. Then in a non-chronological way, these titles followed one another: “Defo”, “Bonbon”, “Overdose” or even “Bòkò”. Good child, the public played the choir and the ladies kept shouting at the top of their voices in front of a Medjy who got into the habit of playing his ex-appeal. In addition, some musicians also lent themselves to the game of small choreographies.

Despite the sound difficulties recorded from the start of the party, the audience present enjoyed themselves and Enposib gave it their all. The audience would have been fuller if the snow hadn’t gotten in the way. However, those who braved it cannot have regretted it.

The organizers do not intend to stop there. Determined to position themselves as a pioneer of entertainment in this state where the Haitian community is spreading its wings, they are already announcing an evening with Rutshelle for December 10.

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