Sports Le Parisien-MPG type team: Charbonnier and Neymar at the...

Le Parisien-MPG type team: Charbonnier and Neymar at the top of the 20th day of Ligue 1


The typical team for the 20th day of the championship was established on the basis of statistical performances (120 data per player).

Gomis (Dijon): 8. The Dijonnais is one of the architects of the precious victory against Lille (1-0). In particular, he intervened five times on strikes in his surface, including four while diving. And he also perfectly managed the rapid inferiority of his team after the expulsion of Mendyl.

Baal (Brest): 6. Not only did he win thirteen duels in his zone against Toulouse but he also demonstrated an ability to project himself forward to hinder the opponent's play, which notably allowed him to recover the ball nine times in the midfield.

Ecuele-Manga (Dijon): 7. Even more than the absence of a goal conceded by his team against Lille, it is in his ability to properly clear eight balls in the area without losing them that the central defender from Burgundy deserves his place on the typical team.

Martinez (Nîmes): 7. The ex-Strasbourg was huge with his eleven duels won against Reims. But, above all, he distilled a decisive pass on the opening of the Nîmes score (2-0 victory).

Souquet (Montpellier): 6. Installed on the right side of a three-way defense against Amiens, he was especially noted for his work in recovering the balloons (7) within the Hérault rearguard.

Le Parisien-MPG type team: Charbonnier and Neymar at the top of the 20th day of Ligue 1

Baldé (Dijon): 7. More than his six duels won in the middle against Lille, it is his attacking contribution that must be emphasized. Baldé has shot four times including three times on target. And above all, he is a decisive passer on the goal of Tavarès.

Aouar (Lyon): 7. His ten duels won and his five balls recovered highlighted him on the lawn of Bordeaux. In confidence, he shot seven times in front of Costil's goal and multiplied the successful dribbles (six).

Benrahou (Nîmes): 7. He ended the suspense against Reims by scoring the second goal during added time. Four centers and ten duels won attest to his full match.

Blas (Nantes): 7. By scoring the first goal of his season away from home in Saint-Etienne, the 5th in the league, the ex-Guingampais has proven for several games that he is finally adapted to the Nantes game.

Neymar (PSG): 8. The best of the four Parisian attackers against Monaco. A usual festival of successful dribbles (ten) and, above all, its first double in the league this season.

Charbonnier (Brest): 8.5. His bad luck is behind him. Long lacking in efficiency, the Brestois center-forward scored two goals and passed a decisive pass. He is the main architect of success in Toulouse.


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