Le Petit Baroudeur launches a unique bottle of wine

Le Petit Baroudeur in no way targets lovers of good wines. Here, we are talking about use and eco-responsibility. Marin Belorgey, 27, and Victor Roux, 28, met at Kedge business school Marseille. These former roommates wanted to start their business and bet on a bottle of wine that combines the shape of the classic bottle, with the technique of containing the cubi and the closing of the soda stopper. All recyclable and with ” a very low environmental impact, which is not the case with the glass bottle, which consumes a lot of energy », Emphasizes Marin Belorgey.

Their target? The millenials « for whom our wine referenced under our brand Le Petit baroudeur, avoids the question of choice », Emphasizes Marin Belorgey. But the brand is also targeting 45/60 year olds, ” nomadic product seekers ».

The start of a brand

With this project, Le Petit Baroudeur, in addition to its € 20,000 of equity, has managed to raise € 100,000 from banks, but also from BPI or Initiative France.

If their wine, of current quality but organic is not the basis of the project, this bottle intends to make a place for itself in this very competitive market. Marin Belorgey and Victor Roux are awaiting a response from brands such as La Vie Claire or Biocoop to sell their production directly. Until then, it’s on their site that it’s happening. ” We hope to reach € 80,000 in sales next year, for a production of 8,000 bottles. »Le Petit Baroudeur offers the three colors of wine, coming from a single Camargue winemaker. The start-up is also looking for a production ” a little more upscale ».


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