Le Thoronet: the man suspected of having strangled his wife felt “in the grip of the devil”


His delusional whiff cost his companion’s life, beaten and strangled in a bout of violence. A 25-year-old man was indicted on Tuesday for aggravated murder and robbery after killing his girlfriend. under the influence of the devil “, according to his explanations.

The facts take place on Saturday 2 at dawn, on the peaceful town of Thoronet (2,500 inhabitants) in the Var. A man calls the panicked gendarmerie, he has just been attacked by a man who forced him out of his van to steal the vehicle. The soldiers set up a roadblock and quickly intercept the fugitive. The police state that the man is in a state of extreme agitation and completely naked. He will quickly explain that a little earlier he had “brutalized his wife “Before leaving home to commit the theft of the van.

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Arrived at the home of the suspect, the gendarmes find that a woman lies dead on the spot. She was hit repeatedly on the head. An extension cord is tight around his neck. The suspect was immediately taken into custody.

The young man explained to the judge that he had a delusional whiff, believing himself ” in the devil’s house “and thinking that someone wanted to kill him, reported the prosecutor of the Republic of Draguignan.

The judicial inquiry must, in particular, be concerned with determining whether the young man committed the acts on the occasion of an abolition, or an alteration, of his responsibility. Toxicological tests are in progress to determine if the individual was under the influence of narcotics.


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