Léa in tears, Micka married, New life for Hervé, Violaine and Baptiste … the Maestros of NOPLP

They made the audience, fans of Don’t forget the lyrics, vibrate, cry, sing … The best Maestros of the show have been back for a few days on France2 for the great Masters tournament. On the program: emotion and beautiful duels with Hervé, Léa, Violaine and Baptiste!

The tenth edition of Masters from Do not forget the lyrics kicked off this October 26. The opportunity for the greatest Maestros of the show to give voice during a competition out of category. After the first matches that pitted Margaux against Estelle and Micka against Aline, it was the turn of‘Hervé and Lea then from Violaine and Baptiste to compete to hope to pass the first round.

Micka invited candidates to her wedding

This October 27, Micka emerged victorious from his duel with Aline (22nd). Since his participation in July 2019, the young man had never managed to go beyond the knockout stages for the Masters … Currently thirteenth in the standings, the candidate still found the time to revise despite a very busy personal life! He is preparing to marry his partner and has also invited some of his former adversaries to the wedding. Micka being rather discreet about his privacy, it was Nagui who released the information. “What’s cool about you is that you became friends, to the point of inviting some of your challengers to your wedding. That is to say, you eliminate them, but you say: ‘In exchange, come to my wedding!’ “, launched the friendly host. The Maestro then modestly assured: “It’s true, I eliminated them… But afterwards, there is still the human side! “. Karaoke in sight at the ceremony!

Lea in tears in front of images of her victory

The next day, the Masters stage hosted Lea and Hervé. Before getting to the heart of the matter, the 32nd best Maestro was surprised to see some images of her career again, in the spring of 2021. The young mother then gave up her place after 21 wins and 129 000 euros pocketed. At the sight of these beautiful memories, Léa could not help shedding a few tears …
Does seeing that make you cry again? “, launched Nagui. “Oh bah yes, it’s so many intense emotions. Thank you”, replied the young woman, before the presenter continues, a bit joking: “I totally understand that it can make you cry when you experience this victory. Seeing her again, does it have the same effect on you? Do you know we don’t give them back to you? “, referring to the thousands of euros won by Léa.

Hervé is going to release an album

Unfortunately, Léa’s talents were not enough to surpass Hervé, current number 6 in the ranking. The singer, who became famous thanks to his stint in Do not forget the lyrics in 2018, thus validates its sixth participation in the Masters! Interviewed by Télé-Loisirs, the fiery competitor confided in his personal projects which take up all his time. “I continue my training in musical comedy, singing, theater and dance “, he explained, adding: My album is still under construction. It will visibly be released later than I had originally planned“.

Violaine changed her life

Tonight, October 29, viewers will witness the battle between Violaine, number 9, and Baptiste, in the 25th position. And the Maestro is far from being a novice in the program! This is the sixth time that she challenges herself, she who almost won the tournament last year against Arsène … In Télé-Loisirs, she told how NPLP had impacted his entire daily life. “My life has changed a lot: after Don’t forget the lyrics, with my husband, we chose to leave everything in the Paris region so that I could indulge in my passion for horses“, she assured.

Baptiste: his notoriety helped him professionally

The French discovered Baptiste on television last April. The number 25 in 40 wins has been preparing all summer to come back in force against its competitors! After his passage noticed on the small screen, the daily life of the young man from Biarritz has shifted into a “tourbillon“. “In a bakery near my home, a lady recognized me just by voice, which is pretty crazy!“, he confessed in the columns of Télé-Loisirs. His fame has also “brought customers“for his SAFE® FLOOR (method for the spine) lessons. A real springboard, which also allowed him to move in with his companion in May.