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Léa Salamé starts to sing in "L'interview" in Séverin's music video

Lea Salame sings – Iciséverin Youtube / Screenshot

This is a first for Léa Salamé. The public service journalist (she co-hosts the 7/9 on
France Inter with Nicolas Demorand, The political programon France 2 as well as Amazing! on the same channel) tried to sing with the singer Séverin.

In the clip interview, released this Wednesday, February 13, we discover a Léa Salamé in 1970 look, in the studios of
Radio France (which are very familiar to him). "Séverin, thank you for accepting the interview. I press "record" and then it's up to you, "begins the journalist. We then discover the faces of the two singers around a rotating table, like a vinyl.

A parody of real interview

One hears very quickly the sung voice of Léa Salamé: "If your song does not go to the supermarket, that means that they did not have a super market". During the song, the host does not lose her cap as best interviewer (she received the Philippe Caloni prize in 2015), and regularly raises the singer. A completely musical interview, therefore, as we have never seen in the media.

Séverin released this Friday his fifth album, entitled Transatlantic, including of course this duet unexpected for the public, but obvious for the singer. "I did not think she would play that way with her image. I thought she had a lot more humor than she could show, "he told HuffPost.


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