Leaders Declaration at the G20 Summit, Evidence that Indonesia is a Global Level Negotiator

NATIONAL INFO — Leaders Declaration (Leadership Declaration) or Communique agreed at the Bali G20 Summit or Summit is a form of world confidence in Indonesia’s progress as a global negotiator which can be seen from its long track record of foreign policy including the Indonesian government’s position taken in the Ukraine-Russia war. This was stated by the Chairman of Commission 1 DPR RI, Meutya Hafid in Jakarta, Thursday 17 November 2022.

“The Indonesian government’s series of diplomacy was able to convince other G20 countries that Indonesia is a trustworthy partner, who wants to bridge differences. And we both see that 52 points Leader’s Declaration was achieved through consensus,” said Hafid

As is known, Indonesia has successfully held the G20 Summit in Bali. The G20 Summit produced documents Leaders Declaration which contains 52 main points from the attitude of the G20 leaders. One of the important points of Leaders Declaration This means that the G20 leaders agree on the importance of upholding international law and the multilateral system that maintains peace and stability.

According to Hafid, the agreement to uphold multilateralism cannot be separated from the success of multilateralism for more than 7 decades which has saved the world from the tragedy of a world war, and has enabled the world community to rise from the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.

The senior Golkar Party politician from the constituency (dapil) of North Sumatra also believes that Indonesia’s success as the G20 Presidency will mean that Indonesia will be respected internationally. “G20 member countries and the world consider Indonesia because it has the potential to act as a mediating power,” he said.