Leading the First Channel and "Russia" Galkin answered the words about censorship


The presenters working on federal channels commented on the performance of Maxim Galkin, who stated at his concert that Soviet times had returned to Russian television “in the worst sense of the word”, referring to censorship.

The talk show host, Russia 1, Vladimir Solovyov, in an interview with Gazeta.ru, said he had no idea what Galkin was talking about. “We don’t even have any manifestations of censorship – as it is prescribed by the current Russian legislation,” Soloviev said.

His colleague Dmitry Kiselev also believes that censorship on Russian television does not exist. “With us, you can grind anything on the air,” he said, suggesting that Galkin himself could be censored on the Rain channel, where he often performs.

Another television journalist, Artyom Sheinin, the host of the program “Time will show” on Channel One, spoke more sharply, saying that Galkin simply “suffers from the fact that he did not receive the title of People’s Artist”. He suggested that if you give the showman this title, then he will "calm down."

Galkin was supported only by the presenter of his author’s program on Channel One Vladimir Pozner. He admitted that the showman is right. "There is no channel where, if you talk about politics, you can talk about everything," Pozner said, adding that there has been nothing unexpected in this for a long time and everyone has been aware of this for a long time.

He also called the dominance on television news about Ukraine, which Galkin also stated from the stage, "propaganda, not information," whose purpose is to "create and then manage public opinion."

Earlier, Maxim Galkin, speaking at a concert in Novosibirsk, said from the stage that he got news about Ukraine, which is too much on Russian television. “I don’t live in Ukraine,” said the showman. “Tell us about us! It seems that everything has worked out for us, it remains only for the Ukrainians to help!”



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