“League of Legends” 2022 Mid-Season Invitational RNG 3:2 defeated T1 RNG to become the first MSI triple crown team “League of Legends”

The results of the “League of Legends” 2022 MSI Mid-Season Invitational Tournament were released today. The Chinese LPL representative team RNG fought against the South Korean LCK representative team T1 for five rounds. In the end, RNG defeated T1 with 3:2 gas, and RNG became the first time in history to win three mid-season games. Invitational teams.

  • RNG takes the MSI title (Photo credit: Riot Games)

In RNG’s three MSI winning lineups, Xiaohu and Ming were both in the team. The two teamed up to win the Mid-Season Invitational Championship three times. Among them, Xiaohu played in different positions in the top lane and the middle lane respectively, and both won the Mid-Season Invitational Championship.

In today’s finals, the first game of T1 was on the red side with an all-to-line formation against RNG. In the first minute of the game, RNG directly killed Gumayusi, who did not cross the line. RNG continued to seize the opportunity to get the head, allowing Tristana and Guan to fight. Gradually developing and taking shape, T1’s tactic of trying to gain an economic advantage by laning failed, and finally RNG won the victory after RNG ACE. Then T1 chose the blue side, Faker chose Lissandra to play beautifully in the Barong Pool, T1 pulled back 10%, Wei went straight into the Oner jungle in the third game, making the rhythm of T1 chaos, RNG got the draw game, although the fourth game of T1 All the soldiers used their lives to tie the score to two to two, but in the fifth round of T1, under the problem that BP did not seem to play well, RNG successfully won the third MSI championship of RNG with three to two.

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    T1 (Photo credit: Riot Games)

In addition, according to Esports Charts statistics, the “League of Legends” 2022 Mid-Season Invitational Championship also set a new record for the number of viewers in the Mid-Season Invitational Tournament, reaching 2,194,104. Last year’s Mid-Season Invitational Final was 1,839,876.
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