“League of Legends” North America TSM announced that Taiwan’s auxiliary player Snake SwordArt has left the team “League of Legends”

“League of Legends” North American well-known team TSM after parting ways with the North American legendary mid laner Bjergsen for eight years, it officially announced late last night that the Taiwanese support player SwordArt will leave TSM.

  • snake. Photo Credit: TSM

The TSM World Series last year was eliminated in the group stage with zero wins and six defeats, setting the No. 1 seed in the division to enter the World Series’s worst record ever. The famous players in the team, including Bjergsen, announced their retirement as head coach, and the well-known ADC player Doublelift also retired. , TSM decided to form a new lineup.

TSM reported in November last year that SwordArt was recruited to join the North American division with a high salary of $3 million per year for two years and to play for TSM. SwordArt led the LPL team SN to the finals at the World Series last year, attracting the attention of TSM founder Andy Dinh, and therefore decided Enlisted snakes and snakes to play in the team.

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    SwordArt led the LPL team SN to the finals in the World Series last year (photo source: Riot Games)

However, TSM’s performance in this year’s season is still not satisfactory. The Mid-Season Challenge was defeated by Team Liquid and was unable to win the Mid-Season Invitational. Although the TSM Summer Split made the playoffs, it was defeated by Cloud9 and missed the stage of the World Series. , TSM once again faced the challenge of rebuilding the team.

TSM issued an announcement today confirming that SwordArt will leave TSM. Thank Snake Snake for his contribution to the team during this period, and wish him all the best in the future challenges.