Beaten in his room by flight of the Yankees still unbeaten on the road, the Stade Poitevin slips to fourth place in the championship and has more than two points in advance on his tormentor of the day.

The Stade Poitevin has not succeeded in interrupting the remarkable ongoing series of invincibility travelers in Tourcoing. After Sète (0-3), Rennes (1-3), Nice (0-3), Toulouse (0-3) and Montpellier (2-3), the Yankees have achieved a sixth consecutive success at the outdoor League A. And the ease of travel of the TLM is even more substantial by adding victories to Conflans-Sandrésy-Jouy (0-3) and Mende (0-3) Coupe de France.

The TLM has set the stage for Lawson-Body input by performing a first set perfect, in the face of Poitou to the penalty on attack (9-11 to 9-14, and then 11-16 to 11-22), to win with the way the first round (14-25).

The following has been most contested. The Stade Poitevin has done the race in head (14-10) before seeing their guests to come back (18-17). But they made several mistakes, while Al-Hachdadii, slightly touched on the knee, had some nice actions (25-19).

But Poitiers landed in his through and placed himself in a delicate situation, in the third set by combining too many mistakes (19-24)? before you save five balls set (24-24) and then indulged on an attack of Jimenez and an ace of Klyamar (24-26).

The result was one-sided, Tourcoing imposed its domination to impose itself logically (14-25).

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