Finally! Video streaming on the switch could soon become a reality.

Finally! Video streaming on the switch could soon become a reality.
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Rumors about a YouTube app for Nintendo Switch have been around for some time, but now they're taking off again: a telltale image has surfaced on the official Nintendo website – and a possible release date is practically included.

Video streaming on the Nintendo Switch is currently not an issue for European users – only in the US and Japan with Hulu and Niconico are already the first services with their own apps on the hybrid console. Soon, that could change: The longed for by many fans YouTube App should finally be in the starting blocks, as Polygon reports.

Does Nintendo's website reveal the YouTube release?

Information leaked according to users in the forum ResetEra on the official Nintendo website: Apparently, some users were the new video service as App recommendation displayed. If the leak is correct, it should be very soon: The date for the publication is the 8th November. But is that realistic?

Back and forth and back – Nintendo and the streaming support

Nintendo has so far expressed very ambiguous about streaming services on the switch. First it was said that such apps are not planned. Then a support was realistic again – but not in the near future. Well possible, so that now has a rethink again at Nintendo. Either way, we are already smarter in a few days.


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