Leaks about the shape and features of the Apple Watch expected in 2022

The Apple Watch accounted for about 65% of global smartwatch revenue last year, and over the past several years, it has been the best-selling smartwatch globally. The current generation of Apple Watch is Apple Watch Series 7 launched in 2021, in 2020.

Apple also launched an affordable version of the Apple Watch – the Apple Watch SE that carries the same tradition of affordability as the Apple iPhone SE, however, the Apple Watch SE did not see any successor in 2021, these two devices are similar to the iPhone SE that is not launched every year.

Apple is expected to give the Apple Watch SE an upgrade this year. Here are the possible specifications for the alleged Apple Watch SE 2022 release, the Apple Watch Series 8 and another new Apple Watch likely launched this year:

Three Apple Watch models
The Apple Watch 2022 smart lineup is expected to include three models: the Apple Watch Series 8, the budget Apple Watch SE model, and a rugged model said to be called the Apple Watch Explorer Edition.

Apple Watch SE 2022 has the same screen size as the current model
The Apple Watch SE 2022 will likely have the same screen size as the 2020 model, which means the screen size will be 1.78 inches.

Apple Watch SE 2022 runs on a much faster chip
The Apple Watch SE is rumored to have a new S8 chip, which is expected to be much faster than the current model running on the S5 chip.

Apple Watch SE 2020 gets a price cut
According to Mark Gorman of Bloomberg, the current Apple Watch SE model may replace the Apple Watch Series 3 and get the same price. Apple Watch SE 2020 supports WatchOS9.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition is the new addition
The Apple Watch Explorer Edition will be the new model aimed at athletes, it will likely offer all the same functions as the standard model but will be more powerful, this means that it will provide additional resistance and protection to shocks, it may feature a rubber outer surface.

Apple Watch Series 8 comes with a body temperature sensor
The Apple Watch Series 8 will likely come with a body temperature sensor, and it’s said to be the biggest new addition. Other new features include a low power mode that will allow it to run some apps and features without using up a lot of battery life.

Apple Watch Series 8 with a new design
Apple Watch Series 8 comes with a new design, which includes a flat screen and square edges. Apple introduced new sizes with the Apple Watch Series 7 (41 mm and 45 mm), and they are not likely to change again this year.