Leaks reveal the design of the next Nokia phone with 5 cameras

07:13 PM

Tuesday 06 November 2018

Books – Assem Al-Ansari:

News reports recently that Nokia is working on a smartphone with five rear cameras.

According to the website "gsmarena", new technology leaks offered the design of the phone, featuring the back of the shape of the cameras that come in the shape of a circular with a flash "LED" double.

The phone will run Android Bay 9.0 and a 4150 mA battery.

The phone will come with a 5.9-inch QHD + screen and will work with the Snape Dragon 845 processor with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, which can be increased through external storage cards.

It will also include a place for the fingerprint of the back and forward security, meaning it will be inside the screen.

The technical specifications of these cameras are still vague until now, and there are no dates to detect this phone, and is expected to be named "Nokia 9".

The next Nokia phone with 5 cameras



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