“Leandro Díaz: The Must-See Production on the Life of Vallenato Composer”

Leandro Díaz was one of the most watched productions by Colombians. The production of the RCN channel narrated the life of the vallenato composer known in the artistic world as ‘El homero de la provincia’, ‘El rey de La diosa coronada’, and ‘Los ojos del alma’, since he was blind from birth.

The series was starred by Silvestre Dangond and Laura de León. In addition, it featured other talented actors such as Viña Machado, Abel Antonio Villa, Diego Vásquez, Mario Espitia, Aida Bossa, Daniela Tapia, among others. Read here: Video: Shakira sings acoustically ‘Acrostic’, the song dedicated to her children

“I have been living in Valledupar for two and a half years and in June I moved to another city, because in that time I did not earn a single peso from my city, I always hired outside, I knocked on doors with cultural projects that are socially beneficial and Nobody listened to me,” he said.

In the same way, he pointed out that the decision has not been easy and that, of course, it has caused him great sadness. “It hurts me to leave and not be able to share with my countrymen the knowledge acquired abroad in the cultural and public sector. I hope that they elect a person who bets on art and tourism, that they vote conscientiously and, above all, find out who is behind each candidate”.

Several users of said social network left him multiple comments: “unfortunately many of us have to leave Valledupar due to the lack of opportunities and everything becomes ‘No one is a prophet in his land.’ Good wind and good sea”, “I understand you perfectly because in other areas it is also difficult to develop and grow”. Read here: The trans model who wants to make history in the Miss Venezuela contest

2023-05-30 06:22:20

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