Learn about a new study on exercising on weekends

A popular debate is whether physical exercise should be distributed equally every certain period of time or if it can be done all in one day.

And it is well known that one of the biggest problems with exercise for most people is simply finding time to do it during the week. In this sense, scientists have good news for the so-called weekend warriors.

While studies have already been done on the health benefits of being a weekend warrior, it’s still unclear how getting just one or two sessions of exercise a week compares to getting more frequent sessions of activity physical, specifically in terms of mortality risk reduction.

Following new international research, participants who exercised on the weekend and those who exercised regularly were found to have similar all-cause and cause-specific mortality, suggesting that when the same amount of exercise is done physical activity, spreading it over more days or concentrating it on fewer days may not influence the mortality results, Sputnik reported.

So rather than worrying about how often or when to exercise, it’s more important to make sure you reach your recommended activity levels each week, as that’s when the beneficial effects of exercise can be seen most. clarity.