Learn about the 2023 schedule of salary and pension payments in the State

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) approved the annual monthly schedule for the payment of remunerations and pensions in the public administration that will be applied during Fiscal Year 2023.

Through Vice-ministerial Resolution No. 003-2022-EF/11.01, published in the official newspaper El Peruano, the payment schedule of the pensions corresponding to Decree Law 19990, financed from the budget of the Standardization Office, was also authorized. Pension (ONP).

The standard details the aforementioned schedule in the following annexes:

a) Annex 1: schedule of annual monthly payments of remunerations for the fiscal year 2023, in charge of the executing units of the specifications of the National Government and regional governments.

b) Annex 2: schedule of annual monthly pension payments (Decree Law 20530) for Fiscal Year 2023, in charge of the executing units of the specifications of the National Government and regional governments.

c) Annex 3: annual monthly pension payment schedule (Decree Law 19990) for Fiscal Year 2023, by the ONP.

Annual Monthly Schedule for the Payment of Salaries and Pensions in the Public Administration by Agencia Andina on Scribd

CAS, Secigra, Serums and tips

This vice-ministerial resolution establishes that the schedule of Annex 1 includes the payments of personnel under the modality of Administrative Services Contract (CAS), as well as others of a periodic and non-remunerative nature such as Stipend for Civil Service of Graduates (Secigra) and Service Rural and Urban Marginal in Health (Serums), tips for practitioners, cheerleaders, literacy teachers and students of military and police schools, among others of a similar nature.

It also establishes that the obligations related to the bonus for schooling and Christmas bonuses for National Holidays and Christmas are met in accordance with the annexes of the aforementioned schedule, in the corresponding months.

CTS, bonuses and compensation

The norm determines that the attention of other obligations related to the concepts of payment of remunerations and/or pensions, such as Compensation for Time of Service (CTS), gratuities (Labor Regime 728), indemnities or similar, is carried out on the dates or opportunity indicated by the applicable legislation.

It is provided that those executing units that have personnel from the Labor Regime of Legislative Decree 728 can make the payment of the concepts of remunerations and bonuses for July and December in a single return, on the date that corresponds to attend said concepts.

It is provided that this regulation and its annexes are published on the digital headquarters of the MEF (

Source: Andean Agency

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