Learn about the beta version of the new email app

Microsoft has been testing the new web-based One Outlook application, for more than a year, and throughout this period the application that will replace the mail and calendar applications on the Windows operating system has not appeared, as it was in the development field, but since this morning it has not appeared. It began to appear to the average user.

Currently, all users can take a temporary and initial look at the new program before it is officially approved, according to what windowscentral published in a recent report.

The site adds in its report that the application of the new leading American company is similar to the Outlook Web application, but there are two new additions that are exclusive to this work, namely: the ability to configure the bar along the top of the more traditional Outlook style.

The only other noticeable differences in the One Outlook application are that Microsoft has built-in window controls at the top of the Outlook window in order to appear more authentic in the operating system, and creating a message or creating an event in the calendar causes a new window to appear, just like Outlook for the desktop current office.

Microsoft said last year that it was replacing the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10 and Windows 11 with One Outlook, codenamed Project Monarch.

The technology leader is releasing a customized version of the new app on macOS and Linux devices, and the One Outlook app replaces the desktop (Win32 and UWP) versions of Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and the macOS desktop app.

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Microsoft includes a full version for the web of the new Outlook through the Internet, and is also working on a dedicated desktop application based on the web version of Outloo, and the company has not officially announced the new email experience, but it is expected to be announced soon, as a version will be released. 2022 later this month.

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