Day Seven Plus

A daily comedic paragraph by the artist Ahmed Fahmy and the audience of his wife, Zahed, in the comments received by the latter in the images published by Instagram.

Fahmy was famous for the fierce attack on anyone who crosses his borders and writes a comment outside or embarrassed on the pictures of his wife, then moved the violent router to a comic guide accompanied by reassurance of "Fahmi" to the audience of his wife in his last comments.

Ahmed Fahmy comment for a fan
Ahmed Fahmy comment for a fan

"I am afraid to do the comedian Ahmed Fahmy inside the swearing," one Zahid audience wrote on the last of the pictures in the bathroom. The artist quickly responded to the comment with a sarcastic sneak to convey a message, "I am watching all the comments."

Here the ascetic in Paris
Here is the ascetic

In another comment from one of the fans of the Zahed, addressed to "Fahmi," sarcastically saying: Hold the mind a little oh Fahmy, you are not electrified, you have been absorbed.

A comment
A comment

Ahmed Fahmy returns to the TV drama in Ramadan next year after his absence last year. The last of his series, "Wind of Madame", was shown in 2017, Asma Abu El Yazid, Amr Wahba, Gillan Alaa, Ayman Wattar, and production of "Synergy Films" and directed by Ahmed El Gendy.



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