Statesta statistics show that there is no clear data to confirm that mobile phone radiation causes disease, and published drawings showing the types of smart phones with the highest and lowest radiation values.

The classes with the highest radiation values ​​are not below the recommended maximum values. The Xiaomei I-1 is the highest-rated smart phone in terms of radiation values ​​of 1.75 W / kg and the next "One Plus 5T" with a value of 1.68 W / kg, Then Mi-Max 3 diameters at 1.58 W / kg.

The German Federal Radiation Protection Office (RDR) noted that the value of "SAR" refers to the amount of energy absorbed in watts per kilogram.

A list of smartphones with the lowest radiation levels, Samsung Galaxy 8, ZTE Exxon Elite, 0.17 W / kg, 0.24 w / kg.

For example, Samsung produces relatively low-radiation smart phones, while the phones of some Chinese companies such as Xiaomei and One Plus are in the final position.

Thus, the high cost of the smart phone is not a guarantee of low radiation values, as shown by Google's "3x pixel" device, Apple's "iPhone 8", one of the most expensive smart phones, and the most radiant, according to the agency.


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