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Learn how to find and fix broken links in your WordPress site – it's worth it!

Broken Links … the bane of every honest webmaster. The Destroyers of websites!

Not really. But they are worth repairing.

And if your website is:

  • decent age,
  • decent size,
  • or both;

They broke links.

And they ruin the experience of your website.

Let's fix that now. and fix it now.

Let's go!

What exactly are broken links? And why are they so harmful to my website? But I suppose … are they (bad)?

Yes they are.

Not the worst thing that can happen to your website. For example, it is much harder to be hacked. but it's still worth taking care of.

What are broken links?

These are the ones that lead to broken pages. I mean pages that no longer exist and are removed from the web.

Therefore, the links that point to them should also be removed so that they do no harm.

And this is how they can harm your website / brand:

# 1 you are bad UX (user experience)

Tell me:

Have you ever been to a page with a reading, and have you seen a really tempting link? Not just some simple "click here" or "go there", but a really descriptive link as a living picture.

They knew where you would land if you clicked on. and you wanted to click So it attracted this connection …

So you and …

You have seen something like this …

Page not found

Picture source – Nikola Roza

Nothing here! The content does not exist!


You were angry, right?

  • Angry at the construction site
  • Angry at the content
  • Angry at the link
  • Angry at the webmaster.

Maybe you even left the site and vowed never to return (ok, that goes too far – broken links happen to the best of us)

# 2 You paint a picture of an inappropriate webmaster

Dead links make you look sloppy, as if you did not know what you were doing. And that ruins trust in you and your site / brand.

I mean, how can someone trust you with something big (like your sensitive data) if you can not handle something so trivial?

And if people do not trust you, they will not buy from you.

That's the harsh reality of online marketing.

# 3- You lick SEO

I mean, they pervade the page rank and other elements of healthy link equity.

This lowers your ranking potential in the SERPs.

As you can see, dead links, especially in terms of volume, are dangerous and can really affect the growth of your website.

Luckily, they are also easy to repair.

How do I find broken links in WordPress?

There are two ways to do this.

a) – manually

This method works, but only on the smallest websites.

Here is the process in brief:

You enter a page on your website that you want to review. You run the scan with the "Check My Links Chrome" extension. And it labels as green (works) or red (broken). Then you enter the editor of the post and simply update the links that you know are damaged.

Chrome Link Checker labels are labeled as bad or broken

Picture source – Nikola Roza

It works, but it's a bad method and I'm sure you can guess the reason for it.

First-It is a very inefficient, manual process. It requires a lot of clicks on and around your entire website.

Second- It takes time. Time that is usually better used for more important activities.

If you have a reasonably sized website, such as: For example, if you have 300 indexed pages, you may need 2 hours to review and fix any broken links.

That's a lot of time to do that, and the worst part is that it is only a temporary solution,

The internet is a living, breathing unit. Pages are constantly dying, but the links to them remain and need repairing.

No, for efficiency reasons you have to automate this.

"Is this possible? My site is running on WordPress."

Good question, thank you for asking …

b) Use plugins

They make WordPress fantastic and this makes link maintenance a breeze of a task.

Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress

Picture source – Nikola Roza

Go to Broken Link Checker and install it. Once you do this, You do not have to do something elsebecause the plugin is set up to work immediately.

What I really like is that you get a list of broken links on your entire website that are grouped together in one dashboard. So you can literally go link by link; remove or update.

This is a time saver.

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Dashboard for broken connection - very efficient

Picture source – Nikola Roza

NoteAlthough the plugins work without you setting it up first, you can do so if you want. There are some settings that are worth tinkering with (especially how often you scan your site).

Link checker settings

Picture source – Nikola Roza

Professional tip Broken Link Checker places high demands on the resources of your website. Your website will slow down if you keep it enabled all the time.

I suggest you use it once and then completely remove (disable and delete). And when the time comes for another flawed link cleanup, you know what to do 🙂

How do I find broken links on free websites and in Web 2.0?

Since you can not install plugins on free sites, you need to be resourceful and find an online tool that can help you, preferably one that is free and easy to use.

But since you have read this article and gone so far, I would like to reward you and save you some time.

So, here you go (

Online Linked Checker is the best alternative to WordPress plugins

Picture source – Nikola Roza

All you have to do is put the address of your free site in the search bar, and the tool will do the work for you.

The disadvantage is that you have to fix the links individually, because there is no central dashboard with this free tool.

Fix broken links / pages with 301 redirects and why you want to do this

For most broken links, using Broken Link Checker is fine and you can quickly improve other parts of your business.

However, there are times when you have to be careful with what you do because it can cost you a lot.

Imagine this:

You have a high quality page on your website. A winner in the truest sense of the word.

  • It draws traffic as if it were a burning torch and they are moths
  • it picks up links naturally and at a crazy speed;
  • It has internal links with excellent anchors that give the entire site a better ranking.

It is a real asset for your website.

But then you decide to restructure your site to improve it by developing a silo-based architecture.

You want to build up current relevance that helps you to rank higher and with fewer links.

An excellent strategy, I use it too. The problem is, you probably need to change the permalinks.

This invalidates all these juicy backlinks. and her link juice will end up in this strange vacuum that exists between the links in the link graph.

Do not ask me what that is – I do not know. I know these lost links will NOT help you with one iota in your ranking.

And I know you want to win her back.

Here is how:

Make a 301 redirect of the page, By doing so, Google-bot will understand that the new successor site is the legitimate heir to the resource you have already retired. So it will inherit all link equity and other ranking factors from the previous page.

And this will significantly increase the "new" side;

Install the "redirect" plugin.

Redirect - the best link redirection plugin in WordPress

Picture source – Nikola Roza

Then continue in your WP Dashboard Extras / Redirection / Add new.

There you will see two fields that you must fill out.

Do it and click on "Add redirect".

How can I redirect a page to WordPress?

Picture source – Nikola Roza

And that's it.

On the next visit from Google, the redirect will be respected, and the new page will replace the old one. And it will slowly inherit all the ranking signals of the old site.

Of course, if you want to speed things up, you can go to your Google Search Console account and do a quick fetch like Google.

I told you, it's easy.

And you had doubts, shame on you … 🙂

Conclusion: Do you know now how to find and fix broken links in your WordPress site?

Broken links are easy to fix.

But because they are simple, that does not mean that the reward is low.

Au contraire, my reading friend.

If you fix it, you will receive:

AND, you will not be a fool who does not even know how to fix some broken links.

Well, I know you're not a fool.

No, you are a very smart website owner who is now rolling up his sleeves and finding some broken links on his website. so he can fix it.

NOT, however, before leaving a comment!

Am I wrong to say that?


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