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Communication – Agencies:

Online banking provides customers with time and access to bank branches, as well as easy access to personal financial position, but bank customers should consider using the highest level of security during transfers and other banking transactions.
There are many ways banks are currently using online banking, such as ChipTan, PhotoTan, BestSign in connection with card readers, and QR-TAN, which rely on applications.
German experts have chosen the methods of conducting online banking transactions at 22 credit institutions.
SMS – TAN method
The SMS-TAN is still widely used; the TAN transfer number is sent to the smartphone by SMS.
This method provides an average safety level.
The same applies to roads, which rely on applications such as PhotoTan, BestSign, and all bank-specific applications; to send banking transaction numbers to it, known as AppTAN.
For the SMS-TAN and AppTAN methods, the user has to pay a fee for each TAN transaction number. The German experts consider the eTan + and iTAN methods unsafe. The latter method is based on the traditional paper list with numbered and printed TAN numbers.
Experts recommend that those who are forced to use medium or low security TANs, in the absence of alternatives, have to bear the bank's security guarantee. This means that the bank bears responsibility even if the customer is very negligent and the customer does not have to prove his or her concern.
Beware of emails
Because hackers and scammers usually try to fool bank customers to voluntarily disclose online banking data, or to get bank transfers from them, the user must be very careful and cautious, especially with e-mail messages sent to the mailbox. Links or opening attachments to emails sent from anonymous sources.
In addition, there is a need to suspect suspicious e-mails, which require the customer to enter sensitive data in e-mail messages with fuzzy arguments such as allegedly blocking the account or updating user data.
German experts recommend installing new updates to operating systems, Web browsers and antivirus software, as well as installing the firewall or firewall function, which is effective on Windows 10 by default. The user must also reject online banking transactions by public computers in libraries, Internet.



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Source: Tawasir newspaper



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