Learning communities: a step towards the future of education

The Learning Communities are a project for the social and cultural transformation of schools and their environment aimed at overcoming school failure and eliminating conflicts that is based on dialogic learning and participatory community education. In other words, the learning community considers education and coexistence as part of the social and cultural transformation of the educational center and its environment based on dialogue learning.

In these centers, students learn through participation and involvement, in collaboration with other students, with the teacher and with other adults.

It is a project based on a set of educational actions aimed at social and educational transformation. This educational model is in line with international theories that highlight two key factors of learning in today’s society: interactions and community participation.

We currently have 54 Learning Communities in Spain, distributed in such a way that we can find 51 Public Communities and 3 Concerted Communities. In Ceuta we have one of them, a Public Learning Community located on Avenida de Otero. This school, also known as “Vicente Aleixandre” began this project by transforming its educational community with a vision towards a new educational model with the aim of satisfying the demands of the society of the moment.

Now, once we are aware of the importance of transforming the school as society advances, what are you waiting for to be part of this new project?