Learning from the Australian Pemoge Accident that Killed in Mandalika

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Brady Nicholas Antony (40), an Australian Caucasian, crashed into a road divider at the BIL-Mandalika Bypass, NTB, Saturday (21/1/2023), while driving a motorbike at high speed.

The Head of the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (KEK) Police, AKP I Made Dimas Widiantara, said that the victim, who was traveling with the motorbike community from Bali, crashed into a guardrail while heading to Mataram City from the direction of the Mandalika Circuit.

“The victim, who is an Australian citizen, died after being given medical assistance,” AKP I Made Dimas was quoted as saying BetweenSunday (22/1/2023).



According to one of the victim’s colleagues, Antony drove from the Songgong Kuta Mandalika roundabout intending to return to a hotel in Mataram. Before the incident occurred, Antony was known to have taken part in a fun track at the Mandalika Circuit.

However, when he arrived at the scene, it was suspected that the road was bumpy at high speed. Suddenly, the motorcycle that the victim was riding overturned and could not be controlled so that it hit the road divider on the left side.

“The victim and his motorcycle were thrown about 20 meters from the initial collision,” said Dimas.

Reflecting on this incident, Founder and Instructor of Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting (JDDC) Jusri Pulubuhu said, a driver who has lost control cannot respond to an accident risk situation.

“Riding a big motorbike requires special treatment, because a big motorbike is definitely different from a small motorbike. In terms of weight it is bigger, then it has a lot of energy, some even tend to go wild, with the two difficulties mentioned earlier, plus in public spaces, these three factors have a the chance of an accident is huge when someone who controls it is incompetent,” Jusri told detikcom some time ago.

Not infrequently motorized vehicle users immediately accelerate when they see a quiet road. This is a habit that can make your alert level drop.

“The behavior of motorized vehicle users, and that (a quiet road) is humane when their understanding of safety is still low, instinct will encourage them to do this. As soon as they see a quiet road, they will be excited. Then the level of alertness will drop,” said Jusri .

“That’s from low public awareness. People who have high awareness about safety, they will lower their speed when the road is quiet. Why? Because highways are public spaces,” he added.

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