Leave messages of longing for grandchildren on walls and trees

“Afonso | Miguel | Hug | Grandfather Manel”. This is the phrase painted on bus stops, trees and walls along national roads 103 and 204, in Barcelos, by José Manuel Dias who, due to family disagreements, has not been in contact with his grandchildren for six years.

José Manuel Dias started by using social networks to express his longing for his grandchildren, who emigrated to Switzerland. On children’s birthdays or on Grandparents’ Day – “tears roll in the corners of the eyes and the heart suffers in silence”, he wrote on that day – or even on his own birthday, “grandfather Manel” always makes a point of reminding the children of your descendant.

A lover of the local club, he started to carry a poster for all Gil Vicente games with the same message, in addition to a personalized shirt with the name of the twins Afonso and Miguel, now 11 years old. “They went with me to a game when they were three years old, but they were still very young and, perhaps, they must have no memories of it”, he tells JN.