Lebanese new migrants in the Mediterranean Sea


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To flee their collapsing country, the Lebanese are ready to risk their lives by going to sea.

The port of Tripoli, north of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is the main gateway to Europe. By the sea Cyprus, is only distant of 160 kilometers. Bilal, 34, unemployed and father of three, dreams of going there. I don’t hope for anything here anymore. I want to leave like many Lebanese and there is no other choice but to go to sea ”, he explains.

Lebanon today is in the midst of an economic wreck. In just two years, the purchasing power of its inhabitants has collapsed. The currency lost more than 95% of its value and according to the UN, one inhabitant in five now lives below the poverty line. A dark future is precisely what drives Bilal at try his luck again, after a failed attempt to Italy last November. He says he is ready to redo the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean, at all costs.


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